A Quick Intro

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Hello everyone! Before starting my blogging journey here on Hashnode (an awesome developer community), I would first like to introduce myself.

About four years ago, I pondered my options for a future career, as any other 14-year-old would, and somehow forgettably chose frontend development. But what I would never forget is how excited and enthusiastic to code was. This feeling motivated me to learn more and push myself to discover endless possibilities programming has to offer. Sadly I didn't have time and effort to learn as long and as often as I had school, extracurricular activities, etc. Thankfully my parents and counselors had career discussions with me repeatedly that produced a thought made into action and created my portfolio website alongside a few project ideas. Subsequently, one of those ideas was to write a blog about those previous project ideas, share what I am learning, and will help me become a better writer and learn things much faster by explaining them to others.

I appreciate any feedback! :)

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