My Favorite VS Code Extensions

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As VS Code has become one of the highly used IDE by so many developers, here are a few helpful extensions I use. If there are any you use that aren't on this list, comment them down below.


  • Live Server is first on the list for obvious reasons, a live local server to see your code on a browser.
  • Visual Studio IntelliCode not one I see talked about but all the bit useful, packed with tiny use case features that some other extensions copy.
  • Quokka.js is an excellent tool to debug your Javascript with live comments, logging, values, and much more!
  • Path Intellisense is a small yet incredible lifesaver if and when your folders overflood with loads of folders and files in each other.
  • Auto Rename Tag is for quickly renaming tags 2x faster.
  • CSS Peek is pretty handy to view CSS in HTML and rewrite without endlessly searching for that one line of code.
  • Better Comments for commenting code in a more human-friendly way and helps distinguish them easily.
  • Prettier - Code formatter is a remarkable extension to customize your code format.
  • Git History and GitLens are fantastic for keeping updated on your file changes.

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